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Combating and preventing illicit drug traffic and consumption, considering Romania’s integration into the European Union. Measures taken in order to render prevention and combating efficient

The research team was made up of Prof. Traian Dima, PhD (“Nicolae Titulescu” University, Project Manager), Prof. Augustin Fuerea, PhD (“Nicolae Titulescu” University), Lect. Mihai Adrian Hotca, PhD (“Nicolae Titulescu” University), Lect. Norel Neagu, PhD (“Nicolae Titulescu” University) and Alexandru Cristian Marin.


In the second volume, the researchers closely examined the efforts Romania made in order to fully comply with both international convention provisions and EU norms on the control of narcotic and psychotropic substances, plants and products. Thus, one emphasised the two main directions that Romania pursued: on the one hand, preventing illicit drug traffic and consumption, and, on the other hand, combating illicit drug traffic and consumption

The results of the undertaken academic research were published in two volumes, named: Prevenirea şi combaterea traficului şi consumului de droguri în România (Preventing and Combating Drug Traffic and Consumption in Romania), Editura Hamangiu (Hamangiu Publishing House), Bucureşti, 2008, Vol. I-Vol. II, ISBN 978-973-1836-89-8

In Chapter I of the first volume, the authors outlined the measures undertaken at both national and international level in order to efficiently control drug trafficking and consumption. In Chapter II, considering Romania’s efforts to integrate in the EU, one pointed out to the provisions adopted by the European bodies in order to prevent and combat illicit drug traffic and consumption in member countries since foundation up to the present. In Chapter III one historically overviewed the evolution of narcotic control regulation in Romania. In Chapter IV the phenomenon of illicit drug trafficking and consumption in Romania is analysed, offering detailed information on two main periods: before and after 1989. As for conclusions stemming from the first part of the research, one could state that, to a certain extent, everybody is affected by drug trafficking and consumption, meaning that drug trafficking destroys the benefits created by free trade and competition, at the same time generating corruption, poverty and serious social problems.