CSJESA - Centre for Juridical, Economic and Socio-Administrative Studies

The Penal Trial in Romania, between celerity and legality


The main goal of this research project was to devise a guide that should offer support to criminal prosecution bodies in their activity, more exactly to help them accomplish the fundamental tasks characterising this stage of a criminal case: gathering evidence to find the legal truth on time and entirely. The guide was published by Universul Juridic Publishing House, Bucharest, in 2009 and its authors were: Prof. Vasile Bercheşan, PhD (coordinator), Lect. Mircea Damaschin, PhD, Lect. Bogdan Micu, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Mirela Gorunescu, PhD, Assist. Lamya-Diana Al-Kawadri, Sorin Tănase. Moreover, the research project also resulted in the publication of Codul de procedură penală adnotat cu legislaţie şi jurisprudenţă (The Code of Criminal Procedure), Editura Universul Juridic (Universul Juridic Publishing House), Bucureşti, 2009, 800 pages, by Prof. Ion Neagu,PhD, Prof. Carmen Silvia Paraschiv, PhD and Lect. Mircea Damaschin, PhD.