CSJESA - Centre for Juridical, Economic and Socio-Administrative Studies

LESIJ – Lex ET Scientia International Journal

Latest number of LESIJ Lex ET Scientia International Journal, has been published. Here are some of the articles that have been selected for LESIJ nr. XXVI, vol. 2/2019:
Nóra JAKAB – Social Dimension of the EU – The Pillar’s Impact on European Labour Law;
Valentina BĂRBĂȚEANU – Personal Data Protection Issue Reflected in the Case-Law of the Constitutional Court of Romania;
Maria-Cristina SOLACOLU – Comparison Between the Legal Particularities of Romania’s and the United Kingdom’s Membership of the European Union;
Andrei ZARAFIU – Prosecuting Charges for the Accomplishment of Certain Legal Activities. Protection, Guarantees and Limits in the Practice of the Lawyer Profession;
Tudorel B. BUTOI, Corina Florenţa POPESCU – Polygraph Investigation Technique (Lie Detector), A Legal Fiction From The Probative Force Point Of View – Possibilities and Limits.
LESIJ is available also online at http://lexetscientia.univnt.ro