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The Vintilă Dongoroz Prize of the Romanian Jurists’ Union awarded for 2012

The Vintilă Dongoroz Prize of the Romanian Jurists’ Union was awarded for 2012 for the book entitled THE NEW CRIMINAL CODE WITH COMMENTS AND ANNOTATIONS that was written by a group of academics who – except for Professor Ilie Pascu – are members of the Criminal Law Department of Nicolae Titulescu University of Bucharest.

The prize was awarded on Wednesday, 19th December 2012, at the Romanian Jurists’ Union premises. The academics from Nicolae Titulescu University who were awarded the prize are: Professor Vasile Dobrinoiu, Professor Ioan Chiș, Professor Traian Dima, Professor Mihai Hotca, Associate Professor Costică Păun, Associate Professor Mirela Gorunescu, Associate Professor Norel Neagu, Lecturer Maxim Dobrinoiu, and Assistant Professor Mircea Sinescu.