CSJESA - Centre for Juridical, Economic and Socio-Administrative Studies

Visit of Ass. Professor Richard Pospisil from Palackeho Olomouc University to “Nicolae Titulescu” University

Under the Erasmus Programme, during the period 14.10.2013-18.10.2013, our University has opened its gates to Ass.Prof. Richard Pospisil from Palackeho Olomouc, that had the following activities during his visit:
– Monday 14.10.2013- Meeting with the Dean of the Economic Science Faculty, visit to the Parliament Palace and pedestrian tour to the historical center of Bucharest city
– Tuesday 15.10.2013 Lecture on Fiscal Policy
– Wednesday 16.10.2013 Tour of the Bucharest City and visit to the Village Museum and Cotroceni Museum
– Thusday- Lecture on Monetary Policy

During this visit, “Nicolae Titulescu” university had the chance to assist at a knowledge  exchange that enhanced our Erasmus activity, at the Fiscal and Monetary Policy lectures participated also professors and students of “ Nicolae Titulescu”  University that had in their curriculum this course. They had the occasion to make a comparison between the ways information can be presented by a foreign professor educated in another universitary system and to enhance their informational background. Also, free discussion around the talking subject had place, exchange of information and intercultural interaction.